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We offer World Wide Shipping on Major Airlines from Indianapolis, IN. Shipping prices usually range from $170 to $275 per kennel (in the Continental USA).

An Indiana State Health Certificate is provided for each puppy shipped, along with the kennel for transport. There is a temperatures regulation imposed by airlines regarding extreme heat in the summer months and extreme cold in the winter months which dictate when and if I can ship. For the safety of our puppies, we do not ship during periods of extreme temperatures.


All airlines requires that the puppy be at least eight weeks old before shipping.


A Health Certificate from a certified Vet is required, stating that said Dobe puppy is in good health, free from disease and is able to travel. The Health Certificate must state the safe temperature range for the Dobe to travel. This is necessary because many airlines experience delays during inclement weather. Some puppies are not able to survive if they are left outside in cold weather for an extended length of time.

Our vet charges $35 to examine your Dobe and issue a Health Certificate.