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Pet Health Insurance Offers...


These options are especially helpful when you are enrolling more than one pet. Payments begin as low as just $8.42 a month!


*5% Discount for 2 - 3 pets enrolled.

*10% Discount for 4 + pets.


Veterinary Pet Insurance will review applications for any cat or dog regardless of their age. Pet owners need only call us toll free to obtain the affordable RATES FOR PETS OLDER THAN 8 YEARS OF AGE! Medical records may be requested for pets 12 years of age and older.



1-800-USA-PETS or (714) 996-2311


Veterinary medicine today can provide ultrasound, MRI and cat scans, chemotherapy, radiation, tumor removal, hip replacement, organ transplants, pacemaker installation, sophisticated diagnosis and a host of other special high-tech procedures and treatment. The expansion of pet medical services has dramatically increased veterinary bills.

Although the cost of these services are much less than the same procedures and treatment offered in human medicine, they still can be very expensive reaching into the thousands of dollars.

Sadly, it is all to often that a beloved pet is put to sleep strictly due to finances when faced with an unexpected and large medical expense for their pet. The following represents just a couple of many common and unexpected pet medical problems.


  • Many cancers can be cured or put into long term remission. However, due to the cost of drugs and the surgery that is often required, cancer therapy and the diagnostics are very expensive.

Cruciate Ligament Tear

  • Typically, dogs can tear this ligament in the knee joint. Due to finances, many pet owners will defer or ignore the problem instead of seeking costly surgical repair.

Chronic Otitis

  • External ear infections are quite common and is the number one single claim we receive. Due to severity of the infection or malformation, it requires surgical intervention to improve drainage and air flow to the ear canal. Often this condition is left untreated in uninsured pets and is a constant source of infection and irritation to the pet.

Pets provide us with undemanding and unconditional love. They are a release for our emotions and allow us to become calm, simply by the act of petting or watching them.

Studies have proven that petting a dog or cat lowers the blood pressure. Patients who have access to pets recover faster. Pet ownership includes responsibility for their maintenance and care.1

We do not believe in "throw away" pets, pet suffering or unnecessary euthanasia. By providing pet health insurance, pet owners can receive financial assistance for their pet's care. For the price of a good night out, their pet can be insured and protected for a whole year.

1Medical Journal of Australia, Vol. 157, Section 7, '92 "Pet Ownership and Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease."

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