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Welcome to Kaleidoscope Kennel! A member of the Terre Haute Kennel Club, breeder Ike Brown has provided outstanding Customer Service and Loyalty to Doberman lovers & families for over 20 years. You will appreciate our background and experience.

We are proud Doberman owners who provide excellent individual care and follow a very selective breeding program. Our dogs are bred with discretion to achieve proven disposition, size, and quality. We offer AKC Dobermans in all five colors: Black, Blue, Fawn, Red and White.

Because of our individualized care, we are very selective when it comes to placing our Dobermans with their new owners. Potential owners should process knowledge of our breed and be responsible pet owners.

We are more than Happy to provide our new Doberman owner with advice and plenty of Support, as we love to stay in touch with our puppies and new owners after placement. We are looking for parents that are willing to make a Lifetime Commitment and give a Lifetime of LOVE.